Will the real Mark Zuckerberg please stand up?

An Israeli changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg, facebook's CEO, as a result of legal process and threats to prosecute him by the social network. Rotem Gez, founder and partner in i-Share which operates an online "Like Store", changed his name officially to Mark Zuckerberg, after receiving threats of prosecution from the owner of the popular social network.

How did this dispute begin? At the end of January 2011, after Gez's facebook profile was hacked by hackers, he turned to Facebook and Nana 10- Masa, the company who sells advertising for facebook in Israel, and demanded of them to restore his profile. Gez also turned to the judicial system and filed a lawsuit against Facebook and Nana 10.

In March 2011 we wrote here about the Like Store, a service that supplies marketers with tools for "motivating traffic", as a magic wand by adding likes to facebook pages, selling traffic to sites, adding viewers to youtube clips, adding comments and likes to articles, links, robots, facebook application and automatic SEO.

In September Facebook sent the store operator a legal document through the law firm Perkins Coie, at Palo Alto, California, demanding i-share to remove their store from the net on account of violating terms of use. Facebook after determined that Like Store services, including supplying fans to facebook pages of different advertisers, are against the regulations of the social network, and he has to close his company and not use any service that is offered by facebook, including managing a personal profile. I-Share owner stated back then that the operation of the store doesn't violate the Israeli law.

On the 7th of December Gez went to the Minsitry of the Interior and changed his name officially to Mark Zuckerberg, as part of a publicity stunt in the campaign against Facebook through Dori Ben-Israel from the "Mizbala" creative agency In Tel Aaviv. For the purposes of the battle, two new websites, English and Israeli were launched.

Here is a video documentation of the request:

At the 14th of December, a week after Rotem changed his name officially to Mark Zokerberg, Facebook, sent a second letter threatening him with lawsuit, without knowing that this time around they weren't threatening Rotem Gez, but one Mark Zuckerberg. Would Facebook sue Mark Zuckerberg or vice versa.

Today Facebook closed the Fake Zuckerberg Facebook profile but Guez already opened a new one. This cat and mouse game will surely continue.


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